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Move out process questions:

  1. How long before I receive my refund?

    Once our office receives keys (to be returned to our office and NOT left at the unit), we are required to either return deposits or provide a written explanation as to how all or part of the deposit is to be used within 31 days after a tenant has turned in the keys. This final accounting can include estimated costs, copies of all bills that will be charged to you, a ledger of any balance owed, and a refund check (if applicable). This will be mailed to the forwarding address you provided to us when you turn in keys. However, if you prefer to pick up your final accounting paperwork, please notify our office at the time you surrender your keys. Be sure to include your forwarding address, phone number and any notes you wish for us to review when submitting keys. If your scheduled end date is on a weekend or holiday and you find that our office is closed, we have three drop slots which you may use; one in the rear of our building next to the main entrance, and two are in the front next to the doors facing State St.

  2. Why do I need to provide you with my forwarding address?

    In order to receive your refund, we must have your forwarding address; regardless if you plan to pick up your refund from the office. It must be in our system in order to complete the move out accounting process.

  3. What will I be charged and what do you look for?

    After a home is vacated, our office is required to have a professional carpet cleaning and professional interior cleaning preformed. On the Confirmation of Termination that is sent to you after you have provided us with your 30day notice it will state a list of items that must be cleaned; the cleaner you leave the unit, the less you will be charged for completion of cleaning. We ask that you NOT have the carpets cleaned as this is something we will schedule upon final cleaning. When we perform our move out walk through inspection, we will compare the current condition of the home with the move in inspection checklist you were given when you signed the Rental Agreement. We will compare the completed checklist you returned to our office shortly after moving in to the condition the home was left in after it has been vacated. This will help determine what items will to be charged to you if any. Any damage above normal wear and tear will be charged to you, unless it was noted on your move in checklist.

  4. How soon do I take utilities out of my name?

    Once you have returned keys to our office, please call and take all utility bills out of your name; any sooner than when the keys are returned will not be allowed. The utilities must be in your name throughout your tenancy. You may notify the utility company of your termination date and ask that they remove your name from billing as of this date.

  5. What do I do if I need to extend my move out date?

    In the event you need to extend your move out date, please notify our office as soon as possible. Once we receive a 30 day notice, the property in which you reside is posted on the rental list for possible applicants. The sooner we are able to change the availability date, the better both parties will be. Once you've confirmed that the date with our office, please write a requested date of change to be noted in your file. Please note: your daily rate will change depending on the amount of days you've extended the day of your move-out. You will always be responsible for 30 days from the date your termination notice is received.

  6. What do I do with the appliances at my home upon the move out?

    Please leave the appliances plugged in so we can check them during our inspection for any problems that may need repair. If you happen to know of any appliances that may need to be repaired, please inform our office staff when you turn in the keys.

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